Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder – 100% Pure Ground Matcha Tea – No Fillers, Additives or Artificial Ingredients of Any KindOrganic Matcha Green Tea Powder – 100% Pure Ground Matcha Tea – No Fillers, Additives or Artificial Ingredients of Any Kind

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder – 100% Pure Ground Matcha Tea – No Fillers, Additives or Artificial Ingredients of Any Kind

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Ingredients: 100 % Pure Organic matcha. Production Process: Shade matured tea fallen leaves are uniquely handpicked, steamed and air dried out, graded for appearance and flavor, de-stemmed and de-veined and afterwards stone ground up to a fair grain. Health and nutrition Facts: Matcha is actually wealthy in nutrients and micronutrient required for the physical body. The major elements of tea are EGCG Polyphenols, coffee, free of charge amino acids, chlorophyll, healthy protein, fragrant compounds, cellulose, supplements C, A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, E, K, H, and so on, micronutrient potassium, calcium, magnesium mineral, iron, salt, zinc, selenium, fluoride, nearly 30 kinds. Green tea polyphenols can easily get rid of excess physical body of hazardous free of charge radicals in the body can easily reproduce Á-VE, VC, such as efficient anti-oxidants to shield and fix the antioxidant system, to boost the physical body resistance, anti-aging possess a substantial result. Vitamin A can improve eyesight. Vitamin C, anti-hypertensive, anti-cholesterol-lowering weight problems. Trace element fluorine oil can easily improve bone tissue and teeth health. Highly recommended Recipes: Matcha Green Tea Ice Latte: 1 teaspoon eco-friendly tea grain (matcha), 1/2 mugs boiling water, 1/2 cup 2 % milk, 4 tsps honey. Whisk the eco-friendly tea grain, water, and milk all together in a dish; make sweet along with the honey and continue whisking until separated into the tea. Coldness completely in the fridge. Provide flooded ice.


  • ✔ THE BEST MATCHA GREEN TEA TO LOSE WEIGHT: Scientific studies have discovered that the main ingredients responsible for green tea slimming effects are caffeine and EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). Our instant matcha tea contains over 10 times the health benefits and over 137 times the EGCG of standard green tea.
  • ✔ ONE SINGLE INGREDIENT: 100% pure tea, no flavors or fillers added. No added preservatives or colorings of any kind. Not the diluted, off-tasting dextrose filler kind of stuff you're used to buying in the supermarket. This is as pure as it gets!
  • ✔ HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO COFFEE: Minimally processed, and free of additives, Smart Tea offers a delicious, easy to consume instant tea that contains over one hundred times more antioxidants as compared to brewed tea.
  • ✔ LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you can't honestly state that this product isn't the highest quality, best tasting matcha tea powder you've ever tried, then we don't deserve to keep your money. You have every right to ask for a full, no-questions-asked, on-the-spot 100% refund anytime you decide.

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2 Oz – Appx 50 Servings, 4 Oz – Appx 100 Servings

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