1 Box of Wu-Long Premium Slimming Tea – All Natural Diet Oolong Tea , 100% Pure and the Original

1 Box of Wu-Long Premium Slimming Tea – All Natural Diet Oolong Tea , 100% Pure and the Original

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Our Wu-Long Tea is a 400-Year-Old Chinese "Secret" Tea that naturally boosts your metabolism and burns calories.

Drink a glass before breakfast and lunch to immediately burn the calories you consumed as energy instead of storing them as fat! This is an excellent choice for those looking to lose 5-10 pounds or need an extra boost to help maintain their current weight loss. You can start shedding fat up to 43% faster than green tea and with pure, medicinal grade tea grown from high in the Wuyi Mountains where it is is treated with zero harsh chemicals or pesticides.

This delicious tea has a very mild buttery taste that is appealing to even non-tea drinkers. It's time to take charge of your health and flood your body with these amazing antioxidants! Our tea is backed by over 40 scientific studies proving it's diverse health benefits including improving your body's ability to produce serotonin and collagen.

Say goodbye to acne, wrinkles, stubborn visceral fat and bad moods...say hello to radiant, youthful skin, a trim body and a fresh positive attitude!


  • • Scientifically Proven to Melt Belly Fat, Reverse Aging, and Prevent Disease.
  • • 100% Pure and Natural - NO Additives - NO Preservatives - NO Pesticides
  • • Nature's Answer To Radiant Skin and Youthful Energy. Delicious, Mild and Smooth Flavored Chinese Tea
  • • Best Option For Weight Management and Disease-Fighting Antioxidants
  • • Convenient Individually Wrapped Tea Bags For Travelling

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