Maeda-En – Shiki Matcha (green tea powder) 1.0 Oz.

Maeda-En – Shiki Matcha (green tea powder) 1.0 Oz.


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Authentic & traditional Maeda-en 100% natural green tea powder (Matcha). Matcha is made from "Ten-cha" grown under the shade to enhance sweetness. The soft part of the leaves are ground gently with a stone mill. A fine-quality, powdered green tea for all occasions and all seasons. Use it for tea ceremonies, hot tea in the winter, iced in the summer, in desserts, or in savory dishes. This tea is 100% natural and has great health benefits.


  • Enjoy this 100% natural green tea powder!
  • Premium tea leaves grown in the shade to enhance a sweet flavor and ground gently with a stone mill
  • Add 2g of matcha powder to 50ml of hot water (160F), stir and enjoy!
  • Shiki Matcha can be used for baking as well - add the delicate flavor of green tea to your cooking!
  • Net Wt. 1.0 Oz.

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